World Cup fever.

As we enter into the Latin spirit of the World Cup 2014 down in Brazil. The fine rhythm farmers at the drumfarm have dug up some fantastic rhythms and grooves for you to try.
We have the classic Samba, it’s the sound of Brazil, slow, medium or fast to create the vibrant energy and passion.
Look at the gorgeous Bossa Nova and try to create something beautiful as you slowly cook this rhythm. Get Cookin! Make it groovy, hot n spicy!
The Partido Alto is a lovely variation on the Samba, it’s a pleasant rhythm to play, sometimes even sneaking it in as an alternative to Bossa Nova.
We also have the baiao Samba and many more styles and vibrant rhythms from the street that we adapt to our drum kit, just check out John Bonham rocking out a Brazilian street Samba groove at the end of the Led Zeppelin track “fool in the rain”.
Check out these amazing Rhythms. Enjoy the Music, Passion and vibrancy of Brazil and of course the Football!!

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