summertime and the living is easy.

Or so the song lyric says.

We have had a very busy spring tour with Think Floyd so far this year celebrating the anniversary of the Wish you were here album.

Big thanks to all the wonderful fans and crew members we have met on our travels around the UK and the World as we travelled to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Malta and Spain. 

The Drumfarm will be open throughout the summer and I will be keeping myself busy with recording sessions for the Giles Rivers Company at Fiskerton Studios, also a recording project at the lovely Comfy towers  studio in Linby, Notts. 

See you all on the Road in September for the second half of the Think Floyd tour! 

Till the next time.

Best wishes from the Farmer.

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Playing Drums live is one of the most exhilarating jobs on the planet...
OK, it's less adrenaline fuelled than Bungee Jumping or Formula One Racing, but if you want to enjoy earning your money, and you love music, it's a winner!