On The Road

Hi all, and welcome to the farm.

I’m just back from 4 days on the road with THINK FLOYD, and although it was a relatively short run this time (703 miles) I thought it might be useful to say how I manage to keep on the ball during a gruelling tour.

Five things I always make sure I do:

  1. Avoid fried breakfasts. They slow you down. Four fry-ups on a four day run? Not good!
  2. Drink plenty of water, it helps you avoid snacking in the van between venues.
  3. Keep yourself occupied. When you finish setting up and sound-checking it can become very boring in backstage rooms. Don’t sit around… take a book, learn a new instrument – I’ve taken up learning the Ukelele, it’s perfect for tiny backstage rooms!
  4. Take your sticks backstage. Chairs, soft furnishings, pillows, they’re all great for keeping your rudiments up to scratch! Soft furnishings in particular are perfect for beat placement and note separation.
  5. Bananas. Eat plenty of Bananas. They give you loads of energy – I take one before going on stage, and another in the interval. Oh – yes – ALWAYS take water on the Drum Riser with you as well.
I hope that’s helpful. I’m off to the Farm now to get some more Bananas for the Spring Tour that will take me to Scotland and all points in-between to Belgium and Holland.
Happy Drumming
The Farmer!
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Playing Drums live is one of the most exhilarating jobs on the planet...
OK, it's less adrenaline fuelled than Bungee Jumping or Formula One Racing, but if you want to enjoy earning your money, and you love music, it's a winner!