Matt Nolan Cymbals!

Hi all.

The Think Floyd tour is in full swing now,and the sun is shining at last! we have been clocking up the miles from Dartford to Milton Keynes.seaton to Penzance and Bath

Whilst in Bath,i took the oppertunity to visit the workshop of MATT NOLAN. Matt is the UK’s foremost individual cymbal maker. Matt handcrafts cymbals,gongs,and in his words”metal percussion sound sculptures,and wierd creations.The cymbals i played and the sounds i heard,were truly inspiring,especially the 22″ medium hand hammered b8 bronze ride,a thing of beauty,with a decorative purple-gold-blue patterned band round the edge of the bell,and intricate underside decoration.

Beautiful and rare instruments indeed,and i highly recommend Matts unique work,check for images,info and soundscapes.

And maybe those who check out think floyd dates on the rest of the tour will get a chance to hear some cymbals in action!

Thats all for now

Happy Easter,and happy drumming!

Steve the Farmer.

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