Happy new year.

Well it’s that time of year when I can pack away the Pantomime tools for another year, wood blocks, Swanee whistles, cowbells, slapstick, cabasa, fairy chimes and ratchets amongst other fun gadgets including duck calls and crow calls! It’s a crazy fun world and great to be part of the Panto family. Panto is intense with 42 shows crammed into a month, 2 shows a day with only 2 days off. The gig involves reading the music score from the fabulous musical director Matt Marks and following the script adapted by the great Lee Waddingham. The MD and myself provide a constant underscore for the 2hr show and you can’t take your eyes off the stage for a second! It’s a musical challenge for any drummer, but one I highly recommend.
I’ve now got one week to prepare for the 2015 Think Floyd tour, this year we are tributing the 1975 iconic album “wish you were here” as well as a few other new fantastic Pink Floyd tracks to add to what should be an exiting 2 hour set.
So it’s back in the rehearsal room, back in the drumfarm and looking forward to a fantastic 2015.
The Farmer.

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Playing Drums live is one of the most exhilarating jobs on the planet...
OK, it's less adrenaline fuelled than Bungee Jumping or Formula One Racing, but if you want to enjoy earning your money, and you love music, it's a winner!