Artist in residence programme

Hi Everyone. Just got some news on an exiting event happening at the MLC in Nottingham over the October half term.
The artist residence programme is a jam packed event, and it’s a great opportunity to hang out with like-minded drummers of all ages and levels of ability. You can get all your drumming questions answered after demos and talks from Paul Hose the MLC director. John Favicchia currently on a clinic tour from the USA and myself.
I aim to talk about musical diversity, from Rock to Pop and Theatre pit work to the world of the tribute act drummer.
There will be some Panto style fun and toys to play around with, aswell as some interactive kit playing.
Sign up at and we at the drumfarm hope to see y’all there.
The Farmer.

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Playing Drums live is one of the most exhilarating jobs on the planet...
OK, it's less adrenaline fuelled than Bungee Jumping or Formula One Racing, but if you want to enjoy earning your money, and you love music, it's a winner!